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Planning a great vacation often takes time, knowledge, patience and perseverance, a combination of resources often in short supply within busy families. This is where a travel agent can become a valuable member of your family's team. The pros can get to know your family, discuss budgets and bucket lists and offer suggestions for trips you've had on the drawing board as well as options you might not have known existed. Then, they'll use their experience and skills to make even the most complicated itinerary your vacation reality.

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"Perseverance and focus, first of all, because I think that that kind of job of being a fighter pilot is strangely difficult. You're on your own and you just have to put one foot in front of the other, figuratively speaking, to get things done and to deal with whatever comes up. And that actually comes up. That is very present in my life as a director every day."

Many are familiar with the biblical story of Mary and Martha: two sisters invited Jesus into their home. Mary sat and listened to the words of…

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