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iPhone dropped their iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, outfitted with updated cameras and flashy new colors, leaving users to decide whether or not they would upgrade for the minor new features it offers.

CLAIM: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden forgot where the camera was and instead spoke to a screen in front of him during an event in Iowa.

There are very few truly comfy seats on an airplane. Twitter users everywhere drove this point home during a recent discussion on whether or not the person in the middle seat on an airplane is entitled to both armrests on either side of their seat.

Though the timeline is hazy, Zuckerberg did outline other changes users will eventually see. He said the company is looking at ways to make messages less permanent, a la Snapchat or Instagram "Stories," which disappear after 24 hours.

In situations that clearly call for limiting digital distraction – like playtime with kids – Apple’s and Google’s new tools will offer a convenient solution. Yet, my research suggests that smartphones may be making us less happy in a much wider range of social situations than we might expect.

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