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In many parts of the country, what was traditionally known as Columbus Day is now being celebrated as Indigenous Peoples' Day. But it remains a federal holiday, so some businesses will be closed.

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Shoring up postal service: Voting 257-150, the House on Saturday passed a bill (HR 8015) that would prohibit the U.S. Postal Service from reducing service below levels in effect at the start of the year and require it to treat official election envelopes as first-class mail in this fall’s balloting. In addition, the bill would provide $25 billion requested by the postal service for coping with the coronavirus outbreak in the budget year starting Oct. 1. Until the pandemic has run its course, the bill would prohibit the USPS from delaying deliveries or increasing the backlog of undelivered mail; closing or consolidating any post office or reducing its business hours; denying overtime pay to USPS employees, or watering down measurements of whether service standards are being achieved.

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The mail shows up every day, but have you ever thought about how it gets in your mailbox? Here are some fun facts about mail and the Postal Se…

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The Post Office in rural Powder River, Wyoming is one of over 40 in the state on a list of possible closures as the USPS struggles to balance …

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