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Through Tuesday slack

Second go-round

Bareback Bronc Riding: Tyler Berghuis, Tarleton State, 81.0 points; George Shadbolt, Doane College, 79.0; Linden Woods, Tarleton State, 78.5; Zach Hibler, Hill College, 77.5; Bronc Marriott, College of Southern Idaho, 76.5; Chance Ames, Sheridan College, 76.0; Tristan Hansen, Montana Western, 75.5; Jesse Pope, Missouri Valley College, 75.0; Colton Onyett, McNeese State, 75.0.

Saddle Bronc Riding: Jake Clark, Treasure Valley CC, 77.0 points; Trenton Burd, Fort Scott CC, 76.5; Carter Elshere, Gillette College, 76.5; Dawson Dahm, Panhandle State, 74.0; Jake Finlay, Panhandle State, 73.5; Brody Cress, Tarleton State, 73.0; Parker Kempfer, Sam Houston State, 73.0; Briar Dittmer, Missouri Valley College, 72.0.

Bull Riding: Will Centoni, Cuesta College, 78.0 points; Dustin Martinez, Panhandle State, 77.5; Gavin Michel, Texas A&M University-Commerce, 75.5; Clayton Sellars, West Texas College, 75.5; Garrett Wickett, Mid-Plains CC, 74.0; Kelly Murnion, Montana Western, 69.5; K’s Thomson, Sheridan College, 67.5; Koby Radley, Panola Junior College, 63.0.

Steer Wrestling: Bridger Anderson, Northwestern Oklahoma State, 3.5 seconds; Carson Johnston, Black Hills State, 3.8; Gabe Soileau, McNeese State, 3.8; Carson King, Montana State, 4.2; Tristan Martin, East Mississippi CC, 4.3; Thomas Davis, Central Wyoming College, 4.3; John Douch, Hill College, 4.4; Ben Kilburg, Missouri Valley College, 4.4.

Tie-Down Roping: Cole Frey, McNeese State, 8.6 seconds; Ty Harris, Cisco Junior College, 8.6; Zach Jongbloed, McNeese State, 8.8; Chasen Thrasher, Tennessee-Martin, 9.6; Bo Yaussi, North Central Texas College, 9.7; Shane Knerr, Texas Tech, 9.7; Chase Mitchell, Montana State, 9.8; Riley Weehler, Mid-Plains CC, 9.9.

Team Roping: Logan Graham, Southern Arkansas/Jace Harris, East Mississippi CC, 5.7 seconds; Lane Cooper/Kirby Blankenship, Weatherford College, 5.9; Colton Campbell, Fresno State/Brushton Minton, West Hills College, 6.0; Jordan Tye/Trey Recanzone, Central Washington, 6.5; Clay Elkington/Cole Sherwood, Central Arizona College, 6.6; Justene Hirsig/Denton Shaw, University of Wyoing, 6.7; Strand Barricklow/Britt Driggers, Southern Arkansas, 7.0; Maverick Harper/Tanner Nall, Northwestern Oklahoma State, 7.1; Kellan Johnson, Gillette College/Trey Yates, Casper College, 7.1.

Barrel Racing: Kynzie McNeill, Texas Tech, 14.28 seconds; Maddy Dickens, Odessa College, 14.33; Shelby Spielman, Texas Tech, 14.36; Anna Barker, New Mexico State, 14.45; Alex Odle, South Plains College, 14.55; Ashtyn Carlson, College of Southern Idaho, 14.64; Kelsey Lensegrav, University of Wyoming, 14.70; Rachel Hansen, University of Nebraska, 14.72.

Breakaway Roping: Samantha Chick, Sam Houston State, 2.0 seconds; Teisha Coffield, Colorado State University-Pueblo, 2.2; Kirbie Crouse, Missouri Valley College, 2.2; Savana Johnston, Black Hills State, 2.5; Whitley Whitewood, Texas A&M, 2.5; Rickie Engesser, Gillette College, 2.5; Michaela Caudle, Southern Arkansas, 2.6; Carlee Johnston, Black Hills State, 2.6; Abigayle Hampton, West Hills College, 2.6.

Goat Tying: Jacie Sullivan, Southern Arkansas, 6.0 seconds; Mia Manzanares, McNeese State, 6.1; Jacey Hupp, South Dakota State, 6.2; Baili Collins, Tarleton State, 6.2; Ashton Glascock, Southern Arkansas, 6.4; Jenna Dallyn, South Plains College, 6.5; Jill Nunn, Utah Valley University, 6.5; Lariat Lamer, South Plains College, 6.5.


Bareback Bronc Riding: Tyler Berghuis, 159.0 points; George Shadbolt, 155.5; Jesse Pope, 153.5; Tristan Hansen, 153.5; Jesse Nelson, Montana State, 153.0; Chance Ames, 153.0; Zach Hibler, 152.5; Colton Onyett, 146.5; Travis Chapman, Panola Junior College, 146.0; Wyatt Johnson, Odessa College, 145.0; Cache Hill, University of Providence, 142.5; Jonny Walker, Tennessee-Martin, 141.5.

Saddle Bronc Riding: Carter Elshere, 154.0 points; Dawson Dahm, 152.0; Parker Kempfer, 148.5; Jake Finlay, 148.5; Will Centoni, Cuesta College, 148.0; Briar Dittmer, 146.5; Jake Clark, 144.5; Tyler Turco, University of Montana, 141.0; Calvin Shaffer, Northwest College, 132.0; Keenan Reinhardt, Montana State, 127.5; Trenton Burd, 76.5; Mason Mardesich, Otero Junior College, 76.5.

Bull Riding: Will Centoni, 155.0 points; Colby Demo, Feather River College, 82.0; Ryan McDaniel, Tennessee-Martin, 80.5; Blaise Milligan, New Mexico State, 78.0; Dustin Martinez, 77.5; Gavin Michel, 75.5; Clayton Sellars, 75.5; Garrett Wickett, 74.0; Lance Daniel, West Alabama, 73.0; Callum Miller, Panhandle State, 70.0; Kelly Murnion, 69.5; Jake Smith, University of Wyoming, 69.5.

Steer Wrestling: Tristan Martin, 8.5 seconds; Gabe Soileau, 8.8; Wyatt Jurney, New Mexico State, 9.2; Cody Devers, Northwestern Oklahoma State, 9.3; John Douch, 9.7; Taite Stickler, Cuesta College, 9.8; Chet Boren, South Plains College, 9.9; Will Powell, Montana State, 10.0; Sterling Lee, Dickinson State, 10.5; Thomas Davis, 10.6; Carson Johnson, 11.0; Drew Madden, West Hills College, 11.1.

Tie-Down Roping: Ty Harris, 17.5 seconds; Brushton Minton, West Hills College, 19.4; Zack Jongbloed, 21.4; Shane Knerr, 21.4; Bo Yaussi, 22.0; Roy Lee, Missouri Valley College, 22.1; Will Powell, Montana State, 22.2; Chase Mitchell, 22.3; Fenton Nelson, William Woods University, 22.8; Maverick Harper, Northwestern Oklahoma State, 23.0; Hazen Smith, College of Southern Idaho, 23.2; Haven Meged, Western Oklahoma State College, 23.6.

Team Roping: Clay Elkington/Cole Sherwood, 13.4 seconds; Maverick Harper/Tanner Nall, 13.9; Case Hirdes, West Hills College/Dalton Pearce, Feather River College, 14.0; Jordan Tye/Trey Recanzone, 14.1; Colton Campbell/Brushton Minton, 18.1; Kellan Johnson/Trey Yates, 18.5; Lexis Andrade/Ethan Awa, Walla Walla CC, 18.7; Dawson Cvancara, Northwest College/Trevin Baumann, Montana State, 22.9; Brody Gill, Cal Poly-SLO/Cayden Cox, Cuesta College, 24.3; Will Centoni, Cuesta College/Wyatt Adams, Clovis CC, 24.8; Quentin Anseth, College of Southern Idaho/Cole Millican, Idaho State, 26.8; Sloan Smith, Southwestern Oklahoma State/Luke Meier, Panhandle State, 30.0.

Barrel Racing: Maddy Dickens, 29.05 seconds; Kynzie McNeill, 29.07; Anna Barker, 29.27; Alex Odle, 29.48; Katie Jo Boyd, Texas A&M, 29.54; Rickie Engesser, Gillette College, 29.59; Madison Wilkerson, Montana State, 29.75; Rachel Hansen, 29.80; Meagan Kautz, Fresno State, 29.80; Shiloh Matchand, Southern Arkansas, 29.81; Savannah Wirth, Cal Poly-SLO, 29.82; Kenzley Wilson, Tennessee-Martin, 29.83.

Breakaway Roping: Kirbie Crouse, 5.2 seconds; Quincy Segelke, Gillette College, 5.3; Whitley Whitewood, 5.6; Abigayle Hampton, 5.6; Lakota Bird, Central Arizona College, 5.6; Josie Jensen, Idaho State, 6.0; Rickie Engesser, 6.2; Mia Manzanares, McNeese State, 6.3; Brandi Hollenbeck, Northwestern Oklahoma State, 6.4; Shelby Spielman, Texas Tech, 6.5; Nichole Lake, Cochise College, 6.7; Loni Lester, Sam Houston State, 6.7.

Goat Tying: Jacie Sullivan, 12.4 seconds; Mia Manzanares, 12.7; Carlee Johnston, Black Hills State, 13.0; Maddee Doerr, Cochise College, 13.2; Lariat Lamer, 13.2; Baili Collins, 13.4; Taylour Latham, Gillette College, 13.4; Jenna Dallyn, 13.5; Courtney Wood, Cal Poly-SLO, 13.6; Shiann Henderson, Southeastern Oklahoma State, 13.9; Tori Jacobs, South Dakota State, 13.9; Savannah Montero, New Mexico State, 13.9.

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