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CNFR Tuesday

Panhandle State's Dylan Riggins holds tight to Interstate Daydream in the bareback bronc riding event during the first night of performances at the College National Finals Rodeo on Tuesday at the Casper Events Center.

Third go-round

Tuesday Night

Bareback Bronc Riding: Tyler Berghuis, Tarleton State, 80.0 points; Jesse Pope, Missouri Valley College, 78.0; George Shadbolt, Doane College, 77.5; BoDell Jessen, Odessa College, 73.5; Colton Clemens, New Mexico State, 65.0; Bronc Marriott, College of Southern Idaho, NS; Dylan Riggins, Panhandle State, NS.

Saddle Bronc Riding: Keenan Reinhardt, Montana State, 74.0 points; Cody Crim, Missouri Valley College, 73.5; Logan Cook, Panola College, 72.0; Dawson Dahm, Panhandle State, 67.0; Austin Beaty, Sisseton Whapton, NS; Hayden Boardman, Utah Valley University, NS; Cache Burnside, Central Arizona College, NS; J.W. Meiers, Casper College, NS; Parker Kempfer, Sam Houston State, NS.

Bull Riding: Garrett Wickett, Mid-Plains CC, 52.0; Callum Miller, Panhandle State, NS; Jake Peterson, Cuesta College, NS; Kelly Murnion, Montana Western, NS; Colton Kelly, Clarendon College, NS; Note Hoey, Lamar CC, NS; Dakota Rice, Chadron State College, NS; Lance Daniel, West Alabama, NS.

Steer Wrestling: Tristan Martin, East Mississippi CC, 4.2 seconds; Matthew Mundell, Walla Walla CC, 4.9; Logan Hyatt, West Texas College, 7.5; Hazen Smith, College of Southern Idaho, 7.8; Gabe Soileau, McNeese State, 8.3; Taite Stickler, Cuesta College, 9.3; Sawyer Strand, Mid-Plains CC, 9.7; Sterling Humphrey, Cal Pols-SLO, NT; Carson Johnston, Black Hills State, NT; Ben Kilburg, Missouri Valley College, NT; Brant Reynolds, Idaho State, NT; Remey Parrot, McNeese State, NT; Tyler Murray, Mid-Plains CC, NT.

Tie-Down Roping: Nolan Sybrant, Hastings College, 9.3 seconds; Haven Meged, West Oklahoma State College, 9.8; Kyle Parrish, Tarleton State, 9.9; Cole Frey, McNeese State, 10.2; Jordan Tye, Central Washington, 10.4; John Douch, Hill College, NT; Kade Pitchford, Utah Valley University, NT; Caleb McMillan, Northwest College, NT; Rylee Rogers, Weber State, NT; Riley Weehler, Mid-Plains CC, NT; Max Dever-Boaz, University of West Alabama, NT; Case Hirdes, West Hills CC, TO.

Team Roping: Clay Elkington/Cole Sherwood, Central Arizona College, 5.9 seconds; Lane Cooper/Kirby Blankenship, Weatherford College, 6.2; Kellan Johnson, Gillette College/Trey Yates, Casper College, 6.3; Cooper Lee, Southern Arkansas/Whitney DeSalvo, Arkansas-Monticello, 7.0; Jake Clark/Saxton Schaffner, Treasure Valley CC, 9.0; Will Centoni, Cuesta College/Wyatt Adams, Clovis CC, 16.5; Ryder Ladner/Chase Graves, Pearl River CC, NT; Ross Mitchell, Tennessee-Martin/Ethan Wheeler, East Mississippi CC, NT; Sloan Smith, Southwestern Oklahoma State/Luke Meier, Panhandle State, NT; Sydney Porter/Lyndsie Ekstrom, Idaho State, NT; Justene Hirsig/Denton Shaw, University of Wyoming, NT; Cole White, Blue Mountain CC/Calgary Smith, Walla Walla CC, NT.

Barrel Racing: Kynzie McNeill, Texas Tech, 14.22 seconds; Riley Addington, Gillette College, 14.39; Maddy Dickens, Odessa College, 14.44; Jimmie Smith, Texas A&M, 14.52; Rainy Robinson, Texas Tech, 14.59; Tenille Rhodes, Weber State, 14.78; Rachel Hansen, Nebraska, 14.79; Taylour Latham, Gillette College, 14.96; Shelby Rasmussen, Montana State, 14.96; Shayla Currin, Walla Walla CC, 15.34; Hannah McArdle, Walla Walla CC, 20.38; Shiloh Marchand, Southern Arkansas, 24.55.

Breakaway Roping: Brandi Hollenbeck, Northwestern Oklahoma State, 2.5 seconds; Kirbie Crouse, Missouri Valley College, 2.6; Sierra Keith, Central Arizona College, 2.7; Kate Grover, Missouri Valley College, 2.8; Katelyn Perkins, College of Southern Idaho, 2.9; Makayla Mack, West Oklahoma State College, 3.6; Whitley Whitewood, Texas A&M, 4.2; Lindsey Adcock, Eastern New Mexico, 11.8; Patricia Rincon, Cal Poly-SLO, 12.1; Courtney Provost, Utah Valley University, 12.2; Lariat Lamer, South Plains College, 12.2; Nichole Lake, Cochise College, 12.4; Sidney Bartholomew, College of Southern Idaho, 12.8.

Goat Tying: Maddee Doerr, Cochise College, 6.1 seconds; Courtney Wood, Cal Poly-SLO, 6.4; Jenna Dallyn, South Plains College, 6.5; Alexa Smith, Cochise College, 6.6; Sonora Schueneman, Texas A&M, 7.2; Shelby Whiting, Southeastern Oklahoma State, 7.3; Savannah Montero, New Mexico State, 8.2; Jimmie Smith, Texas A&M, 8.3; Abigayle Hampton, West Hills College, 8.4; Jill Nunn, Utah Valley University, 9.2; Cara Hilzendeger, Iowa Central CC, 9.5; KeAnna Ward, Black Hills State, 11.6; Libby Winchell, Eastern Wyoming College, 12.1; Maddy Dickens, Odessa College, NT.


Through Tuesday night

Top 12

Bareback Bronc Riding: Tyler Berghuis, 239.0 points; George Shadbolt, 233.0; Jesse Pope, 231.5; BoDell Jessen, 207.5; Colton Clemens, 200.0; Tristan Hansen, Montana Western, 153.5; Jesse Nelson, Montana State, 153.0; Chance Ames, Sheridan College, 153.0; Zach Hibler, Hill College, 152.5; Colton Onyett, McNeese State, 146.5; Travis Chapman, Panola College, 146.0; Wyatt Johnson, Odessa College, 145.0.

Saddle Bronc Riding: Dawson Dahm, 219.0 points; Keenan Reinhardt, 201.5; Carter Elshere, Gillette College, 154.0; Parker Kempfer, 148.5; Jake Finlay, Panhandle State, 148.5; Will Centoni, Cuesta College, 148.0; Briar Dittmer, Missouri Valley College, 146.5; Jake Clark, Treasure Valley CC, 144.5; Logan Cook, 143.0; Tyler Turco, Montana, 141.0; Cody Crim, 133.5; Calvin Shaffer, Northwest College, 132.0.

Bull Riding: (on two) Will Centoni, Cuesta College, 155.0 points; Garrett Wickett, 126.0; (on one) Colby Demo, Feather River College, 82.0; Ryan McDaniel, Tennessee-Martin, 80.5; Blaise Milligan, New Mexico State, 78.0; Dustin Martinez, Panhandle State, 77.5; Michael Gavin, Texas A&M University-Commerce, 75.5; Clayton Sellars, West Texas College, 75.5; Lance Daniel, 73.0; Callum Miller, 70.0; Kelly Murnion, 69.5; Jake Smith, University of Wyoming, 69.5.

Steer Wrestling: Tristan Martin, 12.7 seconds; Gabe Soileau, 17.1; Taite Stickler, 19.1; Sawyer Strand, 21.8; Logan Hyatt, 26.4; (on two) Wyatt Jurney, New Mexico State, 9.2; Cody Devers, Northwestern Oklahoma State, 9.3; John Douch, Hill College, 9.7; Chet Boren, South Plains College, 9.9; Will Powell, Montana State, 10.0; Sterling Lee, Dickinson State, 10.5; Thomas Davis, Central Wyoming College, 10.6.

Tie-Down Roping: Haven Meged, 33.4 seconds; Jordan Tye, 34.1; Nolan Sybrant, 36.8; Kyle Parrish, 37.3; (on two) Ty Harris, Cisco College, 17.5; Cole Frey, 18.8; Brushton Minton, West Hills CC, 19.4; Zack Jongbloed, McNeese State, 21.4; Bo Yaussi, North Central Texas College, 22.0; Roy Lee, Missouri Valley College, 22.1; Will Powell, Montana State, 22.2.

Team Roping: Clay Elkington/Cole Sherwood, 19.3 seconds; Kellan Johnson/Trey Yates, 24.8; Will Centoni/Wyatt Adams, 41.3; (on two) Lane Cooper/Kirby Blankenship, 12.1; Maverick Harper/Tanner Nall, Northwestern Oklahoma State, 13.9; Case Hirdes, West Hills College/Dalton Pearce, Feather River College, 14.0; Jordan Tye/Trey Recanzone, Central Washington, 14.1; Jake Clark/Saxton Schaffner, 27.0; Sloan Smith/Luke Meier, 30.0; Sydney Porter/Lyndsie Ekstrom, 51.2.

Barrel Racing: Kynzie McNeill, 43.29 seconds, Maddy Dickens, 43.49; Riley Addington, 44.32; Jimmie Smith, 44.41; Rachel Hansen, 44.59; Rainy Robinson, 44.63; Tenille Rhodes, 44.69; Shayla Currin, 45.59; Carly Billington, 45.66; Taylour Latham, 50.00; Shelby Rasmussen, 50.58; Cassidy Webster, 54.51.

Breakaway Roping: Kirbie Crouse, 7.8 seconds; Brandi Hollenbeck, 8.9; Whitley Whitewood, 9.8; Courtney Provost, 19.1; Nichole Lake, 19.1; Lariat Lamer, 27.1; (on two) Quincy Segelke, Gillette College, 5.3; Abigayle Hampton, West Hills College 5.6; Lakota Bird, Central Arizona College, 5.6; Josie Jensen, Idaho State, 6.0; Sierra Kieth, 6.0; Rickie Engesser, Gillette College, 6.2.

Goat Tying: Maddee Doerr, 19.3 seconds; Courtney Wood, 20.0; Jenna Dallyn, 20.0; Sonora Schueneman, 21.9; Savannah Montero, 22.1; Abigayle Hampton, 22.5; Jimmie Smith, 25.4; Cara Hilzendeger, 25.5; Alexa Smith, 25.9; Jill Nunn, 26.4; Libby Winchell, 27.2; (on two) Maddy Dickens, 14.3.

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