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Continuing what we began a week ago, here’s another compilation of the national buzz surrounding Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen. While Allen’s NFL Draft status continues to rise according to some, others are suggesting the top-15 projections might be a little lofty.

Echoing Peter King’s (slightly skeptical) report from earlier this month, O’Connor says Allen could be the first overall pick in the draft: “NFC personnel guy convinced Browns will take Josh Allen at No. 1,” he tweeted, “leaving (Giants general manager) Dave Gettleman ... to pick (UCLA quarterback) Rosen, (Southern California quarterback Sam) Darnold, or (Penn State running back Saquon) Barkley.”

Allbright caused a stir with some Wyoming fans with a fairly unusual proposition: Might Allen be better off at another position? Allbright’s quarterback rankings spreadsheet lists “Pos chg?” next to the names of five quarterbacks, including Allen. On Twitter, Allbright suggested which position that might be: “I do think Allen would make a great tight end in the league, but I would obviously try him at quarterback 1st.” He noted that the mark was not an indication that he’d heard rumblings of Allen switching positions but more of a note to himself: “Guys might be better at a position, or have a great fallback.”

Allbright’s assessment isn’t even the only one. In response to O’Connor’s report, Risdon wrote that he also believes Allen will be a tight end in the NFL: “He reminds me very much of Jason Vander Laan, a two-time D-II player of the year at Ferris State with remarkably similar athletic traits. After failing to even stick on practice squads at QB, he’s now a tight end for the Colts.”

Jeremiah called Wyoming’s Sept. 30 game against Texas State. Here’s what he had to say about Allen as an NFL quarterback: “I don’t think (Allen is) as polished as a passer as (Carson) Wentz was coming out. He’s got — as crazy as it is — he’s got more upside. And you’re talking about Wentz. Wentz is the MVP of the league if he’s healthy. You look at Josh Allen has a stronger arm, he’s even a better athlete.

“As good as we’ve seen Carson Wentz as an athlete, he’s bigger. Wentz is more polished and more poised and you know what you’re getting.”

Jeremiah suggests one ideal spot for Allen to fall: “That’s why when I look at the Giants — and I know some people think that’s too early for Josh Allen — I think that could be a perfect thing for him because you’ve got Eli Manning for the next couple years. You don’t have to play him. He’s built to play in that kind of weather.”

Sanderson and Belbeck’s latest mock draft has Allen as the second quarterback drafted, going fifth overall to Denver, in what seems to be an increasingly popular prediction.

“John Elway will hit eject on the Paxton Lynch experiment and grab a quarterback at No. 5,” Belbeck writes. “The Super Bowl winner will surprise with his pick of Allen ahead of Sam Darnold.”

In his mock draft, White has Allen as the third of five quarterbacks going in the first round at No. 13 to Washington, behind Darnold and Rosen and before Louisville’s Lamar Jackson and Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield.

“Will the Redskins get Kirk Cousins signed to a long-term deal?” White writes. “It’s hard to imagine something finally giving way after years of stalled negotiations. The team can get by with franchise-tagging him one more time but they need a plan going forward if it’s not going to be Cousins. Allen needs some work before he can step onto an NFL field, but his upside is tantalizing enough for a team that can redshirt him for a year to grab him.”

Elsewhere in his piece, though, White refers to Allen as a potential “Day 2 pick.”

Kadar also projects Allen to go 13th overall, behind Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield and Jackson: “Kirk Cousins is probably done in Washington, so a new quarterback will obviously be needed. Allen struggled this season at Wyoming with a new receiving group and a suspect offensive line. Still, he’s a project, make no doubt about it.”

Cherepinsky projects Allen to go 15th to Arizona: “Bruce Arians has retired, but Josh Allen is the sort of quarterback he would’ve wanted. Allen has to really work on his accuracy and field vision, but he has top-five overall physical talent, and Arians may have believed he could coach him up.

“Still, the Cardinals could take Allen depending on whom they hire to succeed Arians. They are desperate for a quarterback in the wake of Carson Palmer’s retirement.”

Walter Football’s Charlie Campbell has Allen going fifth to the Broncos: “Allen (6-5, 222) became a discussed prospect late in the 2016 season, but he wisely decided to return to Wyoming. He has a special skill set, and some draft analysts were projecting him high in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, but one general manager told that he had Allen as a third-day prospect and thought Allen should improve before going pro. Other team sources that did advance work for National Scouting for the 2018 prospects really liked Allen and compared him to Ben Roethlisberger, so don’t be surprised if he is a polarizing prospect. Still, Allen has a great skill set with tons of upside.”

Not everyone has Allen as a top-15 selection. Trapasso has Jacksonville taking him with the 26th overall pick, behind Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield and Oklahoma State’s Mason Rudolph: “The old-school ways of Tom Coughlin lead him in Allen’s direction, and with a stout defense in Jacksonville, the Wyoming product won’t have to be a franchise savior right away for the Jaguars.”

Galko also projects Allen to go to Jacksonville: “The Jaguars have plenty of talent across their roster, and like the Chiefs a year ago, they don’t have any major draft needs or even future salary-cap space to maintain their successful drafting. So don’t be surprised if Jacksonville (like Kansas City did) trades up higher in the draft to get Allen. It can let him play behind Blake Bortles to start the 2018 season and hope it has found its own Patrick Mahomes.”

Sobleski also has Allen going to a playoff team, the Buffalo Bills, through a trade with Kansas City: “A team is going to take a chance on Allen sooner than later. The Buffalo Bills have a pair of first-round picks, and Tyrod Taylor isn’t their long-term answer. Taking a chance on Allen at this point in the process is a worthwhile gamble.”

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