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Lander Invitational


Team: Mountain View 49, Lander 64, Powell 79, Green River 89, Worland 108, Riverton 139, Wyoming Indian 149, St. Stephens 233.

Individual: Travis Harmon, MV, 17:36.31; Alan Merritt, Pow, 18:25.82; Kaleb Simonson, Lan, 18:30.31; Christian Gaylan, GR, 18:48.56; Tarryn Whiteplume, Riv, 18:51.68; Tyler Pfeifer, Pow, 18:53.32; Justin Hamblin, MV, 18:55.33; Trenton Wells, MV, 19:00.14; Marcos Valerio, GR, 19:03.26; Sam Kistemann, Lan, 19:08.46.


Team: Lander 43, Riverton 49, Worland 53, Wyoming Indian 68, Thermopolis NS, Lyman NS, Worland NS, Green River NS.

Individual: McKenna Bomengen, The, 21:53.59; Kayla Kolpitcke, Pow, 22:27.12; Kaisa Arnell, GR, 22:29.08; Trysta Stingley, Riv, 22:31.29; Kaleigh Douglass, Lym, 22:36.07; Tahja Hunt, The, 22:45.19; Lindsey Holiday, Wor, 22:50.21; Kelli Holiday, Wor, 23:00.93; Sydney Chatfield, Riv, 23:12.35; Jessica White, Lan, 23:45.45.

Custer (S.D.) Invitational


Team: Sheridan 20, Custer (S.D.) 45, Spearfish (S.D.) 76, Newcastle 124, Little Wound (S.D.) 135, Douglas 156, Rapid City (S.D.) Central 180.

Individual: Brian Gonda, She, 17:54.17; Joe Rush, Cus, 18:08.92; David Standish, She, 18:24.98; Alex Garber, She, 18:36.46; Garett Avery, She, 18:39.50; Nathaniel Youngblood, Cus, 18:44.50; Tymer Goss, She, 18:46.58; Nathan Kessler, Buf, 18:53.45; Rigel Roberdeau, Spe, 19:04.39; Ben Wahlstrom, Cus, 19:13.08.


Team: Hill City (S.D.) 30, Custer (S.D.) 50, Sheridan 55, Red Cloud (S.D.) 87, Rapid City (S.D.) Central 116.

Individual: Karlee Simmons, HC, 20:59.40; Alissa Wieman, Dou, 21:09.64; Lizzy Escalante, HC, 21:27.54; Angela Hovdenes, Spe, 21:33.75; Marion Hohn, HC, 21:59.00; Kadense Dooley, Cus, 22:01.31; Mallory Delmont, Cus, 22:02.50; Trinity Preston, She, 22:15.24; Janean Hanka, HC, 22:18.88; Tori Glazier, Cus, 22:28.53.


Gillette Invitational

WHO'S HERE: Gillette, Thunder Basin, Natrona County, Sundance.

Evanston Invitational

WHO'S HERE: Evanston, Green River, Lyman.

Torrington Invitational

WHO'S HERE: Torrington, Douglas, Wheatland, Glenrock, Rawlins, Pine Bluffs/Burns.


Fort Collins (Colo.) Invitational

WYOMING TEAMS HERE: Cheyenne Central, Cheyenne South, Laramie, Kelly Walsh, Saratoga.

NSI Invitational

WHO'S HERE: NSI Academy, Moorcroft, Rocky Mountain, Big Horn, Tongue River.

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