Alpine Skiing

Jackson's Dylan Nash skis his first run during the Kelly Walsh Invitational on Jan. 18 at Hogadon Ski Area on Casper Mountain.


Cody Invite

at Red Lodge, Montana


Team: Jackson 140, Cody 69, Laramie 40, Kelly Walsh 36, Pinedale 31, Natrona County 11.

Slalom: Dylan Nash, Jac, 1:43.48; Matthew Montgomery, Cod, 1:58.96; Teddy Morgan, Jac, 2:08.04; Ashton Ford, Lar, 2:08.04; Nathan Whalen, Cod, 2:09.49; Ridge Kling, Jac, 2:12.91; Nick Fadial, Lar, 2:14.91; Ryan Goodrich, Pin, 2:15.28; Tate Ellingson, Jac, 2:17.85; Mitchell Pape, Pin, 2:18.63.

G-S: Teddy Morgan, Jac, 1:47.46; Dylan Nash, Jac, 1:50.75; Dane Rasmussen, KW, 1:50.86; Tate Ellingson, Jac, 1:55.24; Ethan Kolasky, Jac, 1:56.36; Matthew Montgomery, Cod, 1:59.62; Preston Folchert, KW, 2:01.84; Ridge Kling, Jac, 2:02.55; Jakoby Vipperman, Cod, 2:04.12; Nathan Whalen, Cod, 2:05.97.


Team: Jackson 130, Cody 86, Kelly Walsh 53, Natrona County 46, Laramie 19, Pinedale 8.

Slalom: Dylan Kling, Jac, 1:53.52; Lucy Hutchinson, Jac, 1:53.84; Fussy Girling, Jac, 1:56.04; Elena Galles, NC, 2:05.26; Mackenzie Gunn, Cod, 2:14.68; M.E. Dominick, Cod, 2:14.84; Natalie Call, Cod, 2:27.18; Haley Berg, KW, 2:35.36; Taegen Tobin, NC, 2:39.22; Maddie Hardy, KW, 2:39.52.

G-S: McKayla Burke, Jac, 1:50.20; Dylan Kling, Jac, 1:50.44; Fussy Girling, Jac, 1:52.69; Lucy Hutchinson, Jac, 1:57.46; Madison Burnett, KW, 1:59.95; Sophie Parker, Jac, 2:02.09; Mackenzie Gunn, Cod, 2:03.36; Nicole Wagler, Cod, 2:03.53; M.E. Dominick, Cod, 2:04.83; Brooklyn Pratt, Lar, 2:08.49.

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