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Charlie Lake Invitational


Fort Collins (Colo.) Poudre 39, Kelly Walsh 34; Fort Collins (Colo.) Poudre 39, Cheyenne East 37; Cheyenne East 45, Kelly Walsh 30; Douglas 42, Torrington 39; Sidney (Neb.) 65, Torrington 18; Sidney (Neb.) 48, Douglas 36; Renegade 46, Wheatland 27; Glenrock 46, Wheatland 30; Renegade 42, Glenrock 36; Cheyenne South 48, Burns 36; Niwot 48, Cheyenne South 31; Burns 48, Niwot 15.


Team: Poudre (Colo.) 182, Cheyenne East 130.5, Kelly Walsh 129.5, Eaton (Colo.) 124.5, Sidney (Neb.) 114, Mountain View 108.5, Glenrock 90.5, Gering (Neb.) 80, Douglas 59, Fort Collins (Colo.) 43, Torrington 41, Erie (Colo.) 38, Windsor (Colo.) 38, Burns 34.5, Scottsbluff 33, Cheyenne Central 25, Longmont (Colo.) 19, Wheatland 15, Cheyenne South 13, Niwot (Colo.) 13, Laramie 7, Chaparral (Colo.) 5.

106--1st place, Quinten Chavez, Ger, tech. fall Rudy Lopez, Eri, 15-0; 3rd place, Toby Gavette, Eat, rule Gavin Mancini, KW.

113--1st place, Dean Noble, Pou, dec. Lane Jackson, KW, 14-7; 3rd place, Tate Stoddard, Gle, pinned Devyn Mostellar, KW, 2:09.

120--1st place, Vincent Fortin-Munoz, Win, pinned John Nicholas, Lon, 1:04; 3rd place, Malachi Contreras, MV, pinned Amos Solano, CE, 0:25.

126--1st place, Alex Alvarez, Pou, dec. Jace Palmer, KW, 9-3; 3rd place, Kaden Vowers, Sid, rule Nate Rocheleau, Ger.

132--1st place, Job Greenwood, Pou, dec. Trey Arellano, Sid, 5-4; 3rd place, Joe Taylor, Gle, dec. David Pringle, Eat, 7-2.

138--1st place, Brody Lamb, Pou, pinned Erik Contreras, MV, 1:46; 3rd place, Analu Benabise, KW, rule Ariel Rodriguez, Eat.

145--1st place, KC Higer, Sid, pinned Shay Wind, FC, 5:08; 3rd place, Hayden Gavette, Eat, dec. Christian Coffman, Dou, 5-2.

152--1st place, Derek Robb, Sid, pinned Jacob Polkowske, Tor, 2:00; 3rd place, Zane Moore, Gle, def. Kevin Anderson, KW.

160--1st place, Javen Palmer, KW, inj. Ty Garnhart, 4:23; 3rd place, Daniel Grube, CE, rule Brady Robb, Sid.

170--1st place, Thomas Neal, CE, major dec. Braeson Lewis, Eat, 13-2; 3rd place, Isak Elisson, Gle, major dec. Chris O'Connell, Pou, 12-4.

182--1st place, Gunner Bartlett, CE, dec. Ian Arnold, 4-2; 3rd place, Jesus Alvarado, KW, dec. Patrick Golden, Pou, 3-1.

195--1st place, Cody Ybarra, Ger, pinned Braden Barker, MV, 1:49; 3rd place, Jacob Fogg, CE, pinned Cody Pinkerton, Dou, 1:15.

220--1st place, Cole Yung, Pou, dec. Dawson Stinson, Dou, 5-0; 3rd place, Ben Banville, Bur, rule Josh Boles, MV.

HWT--1st place, Garrett Nelson, Sco, dec. Weston Mayer, Pou, 7-2; 3rd place, Jon Engle, FC, pinned Martin Rodriguez, MV, 2:16.

Evanston Invitational

Team: Spring Creek (Nev.) 288.5, Bear River (Utah) 222, Rock Springs 173, Green River 149, Evanston 96, Weber (Utah) 91, Lyman 82, Kemmerer 80, Rawlins 60, Big Piney 52, Mountain View 49, Gransville (Utah) 37, Pinedale 30.

106--1st place, Zackery Bingham, BR, def. Clayson Mele, GR, 17-6; 3rd place, Cash Christiansen, RS, pinned Chase Milligan, SC, 4:33.

113--1st place, Scott Robertson, BR, pinned Gerardo Lopez, Raw, 1:23; 3rd place, Dominic Martinez, GR, dec. Zach Vasquez, RS, 2-0.

120--1st place, Josh Tripp, SC, pinned Kade Knezovich, GR, 3:22; 3rd place, Mason Yenney, RS, dec. Isaac Saavadra, Eva, 7-1.

126--1st place, Ashton Dupape, RS, pinned Dawson Schramm, Kem, 5:34; 3rd place, Riley Fuchs, SC, dec. Colter Julian, Kem, 3-2.

132--1st place, Cameron Metcalf, RS, pinned Trevor Allred, RS, 5:03; 3rd place, Jace Saxton, SC, dec. Carson Carlson, Kem, 4-1.

138--1st place, Donny Proffit, Kem, pinned Dyllan Fuchs, SC, 3:12; 3rd place, RJ Stassinos, RS, pinned Colten Ellison, Lym, 2:31.

145--1st place, Anthony Chavez, SC, pinned Nathan McCann, GR, 4:47; 3rd place, Easton Winward, BR, pinned Rigden Wagstaff, Eva, 1:48.

152--1st place, Beau Chacon, SC, major dec. Tristan Profaizer, RS, 11-0; 3rd place, Saige Synan, Eva, dec. Caden Constable, SC, 3-1.

160--1st place, Wyatt Johnson, BR, dec. Clay Campbell, SC, 6-2; 3rd place, Koby Johnson, Grantsville, pinned Dustin Kolste, BR, 0:57.

170--1st place, Tyler Long, Web, pinned Xzavier Edson, SC, 3:23; 3rd place, William Petrovich, RS, pinned Wyatt Larsen, BR, 1:06.

182--1st place, K-Ci Slade, SC, pinned Lochlan Pearce, Web, 1:40; 3rd place, Zachary Miller, BR, dec. Pablo Escalante, Eva, 7-4.

195--1st place, Payton Tucker, GR, decf. Gavin Simmons, Eva, 4-3; 3rd place, Colter Freee, BR, pinned Jeff Guthrie, SC, 1:45.

220--1st place, Dryden Menck, Lym, pinned Carson Bywater, 2:48; 3rd place, Chandler Hill, SC, pinned Logan Pond, BR, 1:42.

285--1st place, Brady Briskey, Web, pinned Laramie Strong, BR, 0:59; 3rd place, Cutter Foster, Raw, pinned Asencion Pelham, BP, 2:13.

Powell Invitational

Team: Powell 261.5, Lander 200.5, Natrona County 190.5, Buffalo 152.5, Cody 148.5, Riverton 142, Wright 135.5, Lovell, 106.5, Thermopolis 92.5, Livingston (Mont.) 89, Sheridan 77.5, Thunder Basin 68, Wind River 58, Rocky Mountain 41.5, Worland 39, Shoshoni 21.5.

106--1st place, Carey, Lan, pinned Anderson, Wor, 1:07; 3rd place, Karhu, Pow, major dec. Fauber, Buf, 14-1.

113--1st place, Ireland, The, pinned Leach, Riv, 2:13; 3rd place, Popkes, Riv, pinned Sawney, Pow, 1:41.

120--1st place, Meeks, NC, dec. Seamands, Wri, 6-1; Hecker, Lov, major dec. Rogge, Liv, 14-2.

126--1st place, Redman, Lan, dec. Henderson, NC, 4-0; 3rd place, Braun, NC, pinned Brazelton, Pow, 2:36.

132--1st place, Briggs, Riv, pinned Yeradi, Wri, 2:34; 3rd place, Fitzgerald, Cod, pinned Lytle, RM, 4:51.

138--1st place, Karst, Pow, pinned Elmer, Buf, 5:30; 3rd place, Preator, Pow, dec. Lytle, RM, 5-2.

145--1st place, Reiner, BUf, dec. Ress, Riv, 9-5; 3rd place, Howeison, Liv, major dec. Jones, Pow, 12-0.

152--1st place, Karhu, Pow, dec. Horton, Pow, 6-4; 3rd place, Clem, She, pinned Lesher, Lan, 0:34.

160--1st place, Waterson, Buf, pinned Velarde, Lan, 4:15; 3rd place, Oilar, Cod, pinned Amor, TB, 0:54.

170--1st place, Atnip, Lan, major dec. Dearcorn, Pow, 11-0; 3rd place, Jones, Cod, pinned Graves, Buf, 2:40.

182--1st place, Gibson, Liv, dec. Porter, TB, 8-2; 3rd place, Dempster, Lan, dec. Watt, She, 8-5.

195--1st place, Cole, The, pinned Buske, Wri, 3:42; 3rd place, Laverty, Liv, major dec. Bennett, Lan, 8-0.

220--1st place, Monson, Wri, pinned McAdams, WR, 2:25; 3rd place, Powell, Lov, dec. Johnson, TB, 7-1.

HWT--1st place, Smith, NC, pinned Trainor, Lov, 2:33; 3rd place, Shippy, TB, dec. Pope, Buf, 4-1.

Lusk Invitational

Team: Moorcroft 92, Southeast 50, Lusk 26.5, Newell (S.D.) 24, Hulett 14.5, Sundance 14, Glenrock 12, Lingle-Ft. Laramie 11.5, North Park (Colo.) 9, Harrison (Neb.) 4, Hanna 4.

106--1st place, Chase VanDerBoom, New, def. Greg Logsdon, Sou; 3rd place, Myles Stefanich, Sundance, def. Kaden Brothwell, Sou.

113--1st place, Brock Blevins, Sou, def. Mica Herrera, Moo; 3rd place, Owne Haiar, Sun, def. James Cushman, Nio.

120--1st place, Destry Schmidt, NP, def. Tate Hullinger, Moo; 3rd place, Deonte Taylor, Hul, def. Alaryn Craggs, Nio.

126--1st place, Gaven Niles, Lin, def. William Fish, Nio; 3rd place, Garrett Winkler, New, def. Dalton Butler, Hul.

132--1st place, Charmayne DeLong, Moo, def. Trevor Laramendy, Gle; 3rd place, Nathan Roberts, Han.

138--1st place, Caleb Cook, Moo, def. Adrian Mass, Gle; 3rd place, Hunter Garoutte, Moo.

145--1st place, Cole Cook, Moo, def. Parker Seeley, Moo; 3rd place, Zane Rising, Lin, def. Waylan Fletcher, NP.

152--1st place, Chase Lovercheck, Sou, def. Caleb McGregor, New; 3rd place, Darrian Black, Moo, def. Allen McCumbers, Har.

160--1st place, Casey DeLong, Moo, def. Austin Butler, Hul; 3rd place, Corden Phillips, Gle.

170--1st place, Cole Mellott, Nio, def. Justin Marden, Moo; 3rd place, Damien Molzahn, Nio, def. Connor Smith, Sou.

182--1st place, Rowdy Pfeil, Moo, def. Parker Schlater, Moo; 3rd place, Brady Tosh, Sou, def. Noah Halsey, Gle.

195--1st place, Tucker Allison, Moo, def. Tommy Schlater, Moo; 3rd place, Tate Carson, Sou, def. Bryan Baker, Sou.

220--1st place, Solomon Petz, Moo, def. Derrick Robinson, Moo; 3rd place, Tavin Pharris, New, def. Andrick Moreno, Gle.

HWT--1st place, Hunter Woodruff, Sou, def. Lane Mosteller, Moo; 3rd place, Jasper Caldera, Nio, def. Morgan Stuen, New.


Sports Editor

Jack Nowlin returned to the Star-Tribune in 2007 after eight years covering Michigan State University athletics. A Wyoming native, and a graduate of Jeffrey City High School and the University of Wyoming, Jack serves as the Star-Tribune’s sports editor.

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