CNFR - Tuesday

Eastern Wyoming College's Karissa Rayhill competes in goat tying during the first performance of the College National Finals Rodeo on Tuesday night at the Casper Events Center.

Third Go-Round

Through Tuesday

Bareback bronc riding: Chance Ames, Sheridan College, 81.5 points; Chance Merrill, 80; Leighton Berry, Weatherford College, 75.5; Mitchell Parham, Fresno State, 65; Weston Hogan, Utah Valley, 50.5; Clay Jorgenson, Dickinson State, 47.

Saddle bronc riding: Lane Schuelke, Casper College, on Frontier Rodeo's Lou Valley, and Dawson Dahm, Panhandle State, 73.5 points; Chance Masters, Fort Scott CC, 72; Cooper Thatcher, Panhandle State, 55.

Bull riding: Daylon Swearingen, Panola College, 79 points on Frontier Rodeo's Riff Raff; Nate Hoey, Lamar CC, 78.5; Ross Freeman, Panola College, 76.5; Nick Pelke, Iowa Central CC.

Steer wrestling: Gabe Soileau, McNeese State, 5.9 seconds; Rooster Yazzie, West Texas College, and Bryce Harrison, Blue Mountain CC, 5.7; Cooper Bradshaw, Central Arizona College, 6.7; Hazen Smith, College of Southern Idaho, 15.2; Brayden Sorenson, Walla Walla CC, 16.8

Tie-down roping: Kolton Mazoch, Wharton County JC, 8.5 seconds; Colton Campbell, Fresno State, 9.2; Judd Grover, Iowa Central CC, 9.3; Chasen Thrasher, Tennessee-Martin, 11.2; Denton Oestmann, Iowa Central CC, 12.1; Calgary Smith, Walla Walla CC, 17.9; Chadron Coffield, Eastern Wyoming College, 19.9; Monty James, Central Arizona College, 20.8.

Team roping: Colton Campbell, Fresno State/Brushton Minton, West Hills College, 5.0 seconds; Jhett Trenary, Tarleton State/Dylan Jones, Clarendon College, 6.0; Dawson Lackey/Owen Perkins, Central Arizona College, 6.6; Chase Konaka/Sterling Humphrey, Cal Poly-SLO, 7.1; John Opela/Doug Finney, University of Nebraska, 11.3.

Barrel racing: Maddy Dickens, Tarleton State, 14.39 seconds; Carlee Johnston, Black Hills State, 14.42; Kelsey Lensegrav, University of Wyoming, 14.45; Julia Starzinski, Cal Poly-SLO, 14.47; Karson Bradley, Central Wyoming College, and Madison Rau, South Dakota State, 14.50; Amy Bowditch, New Mexico State, 14.53; Shayla Currin, Walla Walla CC, 14.58; Kenna McNeill, Oklahoma State, 14.91; Sadie Noblitt, Cal Poly-SLO, 15.25; Grace Hanley, McNeese State, 15.30; Taylor Allen, Weber State, 15.52.

Breakaway roping: Mia Manzanares, McNeese State, 2.2 seconds; Jacey Thompson, Eastern Wyoming College, 3.2; Jacy Leach, Walla Walla CC, 3.4; Janey Reeves, University of Idaho, 3.5; Carlee Johnston, Black Hills State, 3.6.

Goat tying: Ashleigh Young, McNeese State, 6.2 seconds; Emma Hodson, Weber State, 6.4; Karissa Rayhill, Eastern Wyoming College, 6.5; Elle Eagles South Plains College, and Kenna McNeill, Oklahoma State, 6.7; Carlee Johnston, Black Hills State, 6.8; Kloe Gregersen, Weber State; Tommi Swannack, Walla Walla CC; and Catherine Clayton, Cochise College, 7.0.


Through Tuesday

Bareback bronc riding: Chance Ames, 236.5; Chance Merrill, 231; Leighton Berry, 226.5; Mitchell Parham, 198; Clay Jorgenson, 189.5; (on two) Tyler Johnson, Panola College, and Jesse Pope, Missouri Valley College, 153.5; Dylan Riggins, New Mexico State, and Tyler Berghuis, Tarleton State, 149; Cole Reiner, Casper College, 147.5; Jade Taton, Panhandle State, and Bronc Marriott, College of Southern Idaho, 146.

Saddle bronc riding: Dawson Dahm, 215.5 points; Cooper Thatcher, 213; Lane Schuelke, 211; Chance Masters, 201.5; (on two) Riggin Smith, Clarendon College, 155; Carter Elshere, Gillette College, and Tegan Smith, Clarendon College, 149.5; Logan Cook, Panola College, 147; Parker Fleet, Hill College, 145.5; Cameron Messier, Feather River College, 145; Jack Bentz, Treasure Valley CC and Tanner Hayes, Panhandle State, 142.5.

Bull riding: (on two) Daylon Swearingen, 161 points; Caleb McMillan, Northwest College, 156.5; Dalton Kasel, Howard County JC, 153; Nick Pelke, 149.5; Coby Johnson, Sheridan College, 148.5; Jake Peterson, Chico College, 140; Nathan Hatchel, Southwestern Oklahoma State, 137.5; (on one) Colten Fritzlan, West Texas College, 82; Nate Hoey, 78.5 on one head; Ross Freeman, 76.5; Beau Southern, Colorado Northwest CC, 74.5; Miles Englebert, Chadron State College, 72.5.

Steer wrestling: Gabe Soileau, 15.4 seconds; Rooster Yazzie, 18.2; Cooper Bradshaw, 26.7; Hazen Smith, 32.5; Brayden Sorenson, 33.0; (on two) Bridger Anderson, Northwestern Oklahoma State, 7.7; Nathan Weyrich, Central Wyoming College, and Tyler West, Southwest Texas JC, 8.4; Ty Everson, University of Wyoming, 9.5; JD Draper, Mid-Plains CC, 9.8; Seth Peterson, University of Wyoming 11.6; Kalane Anders, Chadron State College, 12.5.

Tie-down roping: Colton Campbell, 28.9; Kolton Mazoch, 31.4; Chasen Thrasher, 33.8; Chadron Coffield, 48.5; Monty James, 51.6; (on two) Haven Meged, Tarleton State, 17.6; Ty Harris, Texas A&M-Commerce, 17.9; Wyatt Williams, Tarleton State, 18.8; Cody Burnside, Central Arizona College, and Jack Graham, Montana State, 21.2; Shane Knerr, Texas Tech, 21.7; Kasen Brennise, Weatherford College, 22.2.

Team roping: Jhett Trenary/Dylan Jones, 22.9 seconds; Chase Onaka/Sterling Humphrey, 24.2; (on two) Cyle Denison/Ross Ashford, Hill College, 10.7; Braden Pirrung, Eastern Wyoming College/Jerren Johnson, Casper College, 13.2; Kolton White/Dalton Titsworth, Southeastern Oklahoma State, 13.3; Kaine Warnken/Cord Kohleffel, Texas A&M, 13.7; Cody Stewart, Feather River College/Cobie Dodds, West Hills College, 17.0; Junior Zambrano, Central Arizona College/Wyatt Hershberger, Cochise College, 17.9; Slayton Taylor/Whitney DeSalvo, Arkansas-Monticello, 18.7; Matthew Williams/Jack Graham, Montana State; and Cutter Machado/Chance Machado, Cuesta College, 20.8; Clay Elkington/Cody Burnside, Central Arizona College, 21.9.

Barrel racing: Maddy Dickens, 43.49 seconds; Julia Starzinski, 43.55; Madison Rau, 43.69; Kelsey Lensegrav, 43.93; Karson Bradley, 44.12; Kenna McNeill, 44.16; Carlee Johnston, 44.28; Amy Bowditch, 44.32; Taylor Allen, 45.02; Sadie Noblitt, 45.36; Grace Hanley, 49.77; Shayla Currin, 53.78.

Breakaway roping: Janey Reeves, 10.2 seconds; Jacey Thompson, 18.0; (on two) Taylor Munsell, Northwestern Oklahoma State, 4.4; Whitney DeSalvo, 4.5; Quincy Segelke, Chadron State College, 4.7; Lauryn Hoagland, North Central Texas College, 5.0; Kaitlyn Harwell, New Mexico State, 5.1; Rayna Longeway, University of Idaho, 5.4; Bryana Lehrmann, Texas A&M, 5.6; Shelby Boisjoli, Ranger College, 5.8; Rickie Engesser, Tarleton State, 5.9; Hope Luttrell, Cochise College, 6.0.

Goat tying: Emma Hodson, 18.9 seconds; Karissa Rayhill, 20.1; Kenna McNeill, 20.2; Kaylee Smith, Panhandle State, 21.0; Mary Risse, Tarleton State, 21.1; Tommi Swannack, Walla Walla CC, 21.9; Carlee Johnston, 22.1; Kloe Gregersen, 26.0; (on two) Beau Peterson, Panhandle State, 12.1; Maddee Doerr, Cochise College, and Janey Reeves, University of Idaho, 12.3; Taylour Latham, Gillette College, 12.7.

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