Career politician??

He's only served ONE term in the House and he's running for a second.

Get your facts straight!

Neither Andi Clifford nor Sergio Maldonado will win this year. At best, they have support from the Northern Arapaho tribe (they're both Arapaho) but they won't have much Shoshone support and they won't have much support from the part of their districts that aren't part of the WRIR.

Mark will do a fine job!

If you vote for Rammell, you ought to have your head examined.

As a not particularly religious Republican, I'd like to point out that you don't HAVE to be religious to be Pro-Life. When I say, I'm pro-life, I mean it unlike may ultra-religious conservatives. They might be really be "anti-abortion" but they're pro-death penalty at the drop of a…

Rex is certifiable. I didn't vote for Gordon in the primary and I will NOT be voting for Rammell in November.

When you consider Foster Friess is over 80 years old, the irony of calling Sen. Simpson part of the "old guard" is worth pointing out.

WRONG. Sam has always stated his OPPOSITION to a state income tax!!

Evangelical?? Dude/Dudette...Sam is Greek Orthodox. He's practically a Roman Catholic!