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Hill Town Trader commented on Eiserman: Brazen move by wind developers

The growth of wind is more about tax credits to developers then enviro-anything.

Crony-capitalism is $$GREEN$$ these days.

I wonder if this is connected with the "rotten egg" hydrogen-sulfide smells wafting through the Wind River valley two to the three times a week for the past month. Such smells are not rare, but seem particularly frequent lately.

Grants usually come with matching or administrative costs. Casper "the oil town" might want to think twice about expanding its list of noble undertakings, because tax revenues are about to take a hit. Free money is never really free.

Marijuana was outlawed for any use in 1974 and the law has not changed.

The federal executive branch is charged with enforcing the laws passed by congress and signed by past presidents.

Until Congress changes the 1974 controlled substances act, the department of justice is ac…

Hill Town Trader commented on Holloway: Taxes meant to cover education cost

With the coal industry being shuttered by the feds, oil permits and extraction likely to crater due to a 25% drop in revenues in the past four months, the state revenues, which are highly dependent on these industries, are likely to crater as well.

That rainy day fund probably is not…

In Britain, under mandatory National Health, two parallel health systems have evolved.

The salaried doctors working with National Health took the low payments, rationing healthcare with long wait times. At the same time, shiny new private clinics with owner physicians offer up to dat…

Electronic health records, all linked by social security numbers, have put a tombstone on any hope for privacy. Some health care professionals, using standard checklists are recording which homes have firearms. All linked by social security number and birthdate.

Wyoming was bribed by…

Hill Town Trader commented on Cable: Minimum wage still holds same value

As that the cost of living in different parts of the country is radically different, having a federal minimum wage is unworkable. 17,ooo people applied for $13/hour car factory jobs in Tennesse, but in New York not one show up for a job that pays $15/hour.

Leave it to the states.

Absolutely NOT. Don't hand information about my kid over of some big brother federal database. A paperfile, accessible to only those who really need to know is just fine. Some random test score, imbedded in some distant database, can follow a kid forever. Let kids grow and change; don't…