Why is this news? It is recycled at best, and appears to be a free ad for a reality company.

Since they don't collect management data outside the core area why would they collect mortality data. If they collected info on sows with cubs outside of management area who knows how large the population would be. Very misleading report if you don't' read it completely.

These great researchers should ask antler hunters when they start to look for antlers,?March and it's been that way for ever, especially for large bulls. This is like trophic cascade in YNP, that only occurred in limited areas.

Is Kerry a registered foreign Agent?

end big pharmas monopoly on a particular drug. If there was completion then drug prices would be lower.

junk science. Do these researches actually think that bull elk can change when they drop their antlers? Maybe if wolves are present in the eco system for the next hundred years elk may change when they drop their antlers but not after 25 years. No matter when an elk drops it's antlers it …

If this same estimating technique was applied to Maria what would it show?

Casper is the poster child for why not to pass the one cent tax without it being tied to specific projects.

Oh no who will Hageman andFries blame now.

The ICC goes after the US while it lets Assad and his generals to use chemical weapons against the Syrian people?????? On the other hand what are we afraid of.