Sweet neck tat man.

According to the Star Tribune, one drug deal gone bad = a state with 500K bigots. I look forward to the next 84 days I log onto the website, so I can read one article per day about Matthew Sheppard.

I quote from the article:

"In both interviews, Henderson insisted neither he nor McKinney was motivated by anti-gay hatred when they offered Shepard a ride home from a bar. Instead, he said, they were out to rob him of money and possibly drugs when they drove him to the edge of to…

The Red Star Tribune is like a broken record. I'll sum up the content written about; Sheppard, Matthew, LGBTQAIIPRI#5DH79KN, Coal, Politics, Sheppard, Matthew, Sheppard Matthew, Wildlife, Sheppard, Matthew, Matthew Sheppard, Matthew Sheppard, Matthew Sheppard.

Thanks for the kind words friend!

YEAH THAT CHRISTIAN RIGHT IS SO POWERFUL THAT DONALD TRUMP HEADS THE GOP! The Christian Right literally swings every election, that's how important and powerful they are, I mean they supported Ted Cruz over Trump, but somehow Trump was able to overcome this minority group within the party t…

Mark Gordon's anti-coal and pro-wolf stance is sexy for sure. Hopefully he can shut down all those dirty coal mines and passing legislation that mandates higher pay for women to make up for the inequality.

Wyoming is obviously the most sexist state in the union, it's the only possible explanation, that's why we need a Democrat like Mark Gordon in office so he can fix our sexist state.

Lol, I laugh when they say how good these wind turbines are for the environment. What are the wind turbines made of? Zinc, aluminum, plastic, and fiberglass. All of these substances are extracted from the earth via mining and all the plastic components are made from petroleum products. Z…

That's why I'm glad we'll get Mark Gordon as governor, as a liberal democrat he will embrace higher taxes and spending. He's wise and understands that government is the solution to all our problems, I've been saying the same thing for years!