Governor Mead is wise enough to realize he wouldn't fit in with Trump's Cabinet. He's not crazy enough.

The Wyoming Republican politicians have successfully sold the lie that "unions are bad." Well, folks, don't you wish you had a union now.

Great choice, Tom Burman. I like to see an AD that can make a decision immediately and get it right.

I was afraid of this -- Coach Shyatt simply doesn't need the grief this team gave him. We are really going to miss him -- thanks so much, Coach. It's been a great ride.

I have a bit of sympathy for the two Bundys. They were told from birth that the public land surrounding their ranch was their own land and the Federal Government was trying to take it from them. That's a lie, but it's the boys' fault that they bought into it without thinking. As for Finic…

Come on, Robin. You did a lot of damage with your false claim of D- grades for the football team. You suddenly put yourself in the same camp as Donald Trump, spouting things without checking them. People will remember what your column said without noticing the correction. I enjoy your co…

The MWC Commissioner is trying to tie Coach Shyatt's comments to the decision to choose the Thomas and Mack arena as the site for the MWC Basketball Tournaments. In fact Coach Shyatt said the coaches expected that decision. What they didn't expect was the secret vote to cut the number of …

I don't think much of Holmgren. He seems to believe that he will decide what is a good football season and what will be acceptable. That's not up to him. He needs to be reminded that he's a reporter, nothing more. He seems to think he's a kingmaker.

I'll bet the shareholders aren't going to suffer any losses.

I support Governor Mead's proposal. We need to be competitive in terms of financial support for athletics. Do it.